Discover the power of Allfred’s latest features, designed to elevate your project management efficiency to new heights. Dive into our User Utilization Report for a detailed analysis of team capacity and billable productivity. Embrace the versatility of our Flexible Project & Billing Categories for tailored project tracking. Experience the convenience of our Enhanced ‘New’ Button, allowing for quick creation of diverse workflow elements. Alongside, navigate with ease using our new, streamlined sidebar menu, ensuring that every tool you need is just a click away.

Learn more about Allfred latest update!

#1 User Utilization Report

The User Utilization Report is designed to help you simplify tracking and utilizing team capacity and hours, enhance time allocation, and sharpen focus on billable productivity. This report is instrumental for project managers and team leaders to ensure that agency resources are being used effectively by providing a comprehensive view of capacity, tracked hours, time allocation, billable hours, and user and team utilization.

#2 Flexible Project & Billing Categories

We’ve revolutionized project categorization in Allfred. Now you can tailor project categories to fit your specific needs. Assign several categories to one project for detailed control and insightful reporting.

Furthermore, our project billing categories have been refined for better financial clarity, shifting from ‘probono’ to an adaptable ‘billable/non-billable’ system. This update allows for the creation of non-billable tasks within billable projects, enhancing flexibility in project management.

#3 Enhanced ‘New’ Button

The ‘New’ button now goes beyond just creating tasks. Tailored to your role and permissions, it’s an all-in-one solution for your workflow needs. You can now swiftly create capacity allocations, projects, invoices, proformas, credit notes, and expenses with just a click.

#4 New Sidebar Menu

We’re excited to unveil a fresh look with our redesigned interface featuring a new sidebar menu! This enhances your navigation experience, offering quick and direct access to various sections with just a single click.