Check Out What’s New at Allfred! We rolled out some handy updates to help you manage your agency tasks and projects more effectively. In our latest feature release, we’ve focused on practical improvements: easily move or duplicate tasks between projects, download budgets in detailed PDF format, track time with greater flexibility and manage your workspace notifications. These new tools are designed to streamline your daily work and make managing your agency simpler and more efficient.

Read on to see how these updates can enhance your workflow and make your day-to-day tasks easier to handle.

#1 Streamlined Task Management: Move & Duplicate Across Projects

Make task management more efficient with the ability to duplicate or move tasks across different projects. Enjoy the flexibility of copying task descriptions, comments, attachments, and even auto-transfer tracked hours when moving tasks, streamlining your workflow.

#2 Enhanced Budget PDF Export

Customize your budget exports with PDF download settings. Tailor your exports to fit your needs, choosing from various display options like position layouts, item descriptions, VAT details, and more for a perfectly customized report every time.

#3 Customize Workspace Notifications

We’ve introduced a new feature that gives Allfred admins the power to customize workspace notifications! This update is all about giving you the control to set up notifications that matter to your workflow. Whether it’s task updates, project milestones, or financial alerts, you choose what to be notified about and how.

#4 More Time Tracking Options

With this update, you’re not limited to recording time just for the current day from the Task or Clock icon in the upper right corner. Now, you can log hours spent on tasks for past or future dates.

#5 New Ticket Management System

Our latest update makes reaching out for support and tracking your requests easier than ever. With just a click on the support button in the bottom right corner, you can now quickly ask questions, send feature requests, report bugs, and communicate directly with our support team. Stay up-to-date with the current status of all your tickets, whether they’re new, in progress or already resolved.

#6 Customizable Display Columns in Listings

Tailor your view to meet your needs by selecting which columns appear in your listings, from project overviews to expenses and invoices. With just a few clicks on the settings icon, you can streamline your interface, focusing on the data that matters most to you.