🌟 Allfred’s latest update brings a suite of dynamic features to revolutionize your agency management. Effortlessly handle finances across multiple legal entities, gain clarity on task hours with the “Left to Allocate Indicator,” and enjoy a more intuitive project view. Plus, advanced workspace settings, customizing task statuses and UX enhancements streamline your agency’s operations like never before.

Allfred’s multiple legal entities management feature represents a significant advancement for agencies managing the finances of multiple legal entities. It enables you to handle invoicing and expenses for each entity independently, equipped with distinct banking details and unique invoice numbering systems.

Allfred's multiple legal entities management feature enables you to handle invoicing and expenses for each agency business entity independently.

This feature is particularly beneficial for agencies with diverse business units, such as one being a VAT payer and the other not. It allows for more effective financial optimization while maintaining overall control within a single platform.

#2 Left to Allocate Indicator

Efficiently manage your project hours with Allfred’s “Left to Allocate Indicator,” a sophisticated feature designed to enhance your ability to track available hours until task completion. This tool offers invaluable at-a-glance insights, allowing you to monitor not only the remaining hours that need to be allocated but also to plan your team’s future capacity more effectively.

Efficiently manage your project hours with Allfred's "Left to Allocate Indicator," allowing you to monitor the remaining hours for delivering tasks.

Furthermore, it alerts you to situations where the allocated hours may have been exceeded, ensuring that you maintain budget control and operational efficiency. With this detailed oversight, project managers can optimize resource allocation, prevent overutilization, and maintain a balanced workload across their teams, all within Allfred’s user-friendly interface.

#3 Customize Your Task Statuses

Unlock the full potential of task management with Allfred’s latest update! Now, you have the power to modify task statuses, adjust priorities, and select vibrant colors for each status, offering a clearer, more personalized overview of your project’s progress. 

Customize your tasks statuses reflecting your agency workflow.

#4 Advanced Workspace Settings

Allfred’s enhanced workspace settings provide Admins with comprehensive control over the agency’s workspace, empowering them to tailor every aspect to meet specific operational demands.

Workspace settings allows Admins to:

  • Notifications: Configure alert settings to ensure no critical updates are missed.
  • Task Statuses: Customize how tasks are labeled for clarity and workflow specificity.
  • Legal Entities and Sequences: Manage different legal entities and their respective invoice numbering to maintain distinct financial records.
  • VAT Rates and Accounting Accounts: Set and adjust VAT rates and detail accounting accounts for accurate financial reporting.
  • Teams: Edit and create team structures to optimize collaboration.
  • Project Settings: Turn on Automate task creation and adjust project settings related to closing production and media budget items.
  • Planning and Utilization: Set up detailed planning parameters and utilization tracking.
Allfred's enhanced workspace settings provide Admins with comprehensive control over the agency's workspace.

#5 Refreshed Project View

Explore the clarity of Allfred’s latest interface update! Our improved layout, featuring tabbed budget item segmentation, streamlines project detail management. The design update enhances your view of budget progress and provides the flexibility to hide the main graph for a more tailored overview. You can now change task priorities directly from project or task details with the new inline editing feature; no need to open the task edit screen. Essential information remains prominent, and we’re soon integrating detailed planning and ‘left to allocate’ hours for comprehensive control over your projects.

#6 UX Enhancements

  • Time Formatting Simplified: Enter ‘0900’ and Allfred auto-formats it to ’09:00′.
  • Enhanced Task Views: Task lists and details now present information more clearly.
  • Easy Team Tagging: Use ‘@’ to mention and bring up a list of all your team members in task comments.
  • Reduced Notifications: No more alerts for completed tasks to keep your workspace tidy.
  • Graph Visibility Control: Hide the main project graph for a streamlined list view.