• Agency achieved an 80% Reduction in Reporting and Evaluation Time
  • Creatives stopped complaining about time-tracking
  • Reduced data friction, resulting in more available time for clients and creative work
  • The agency team found a valuable partner for their operations

Client Introduction:

Global consultancy FLO, a part of the Mind2FLO Group, specializes in marketing and technology. They offer various brand services, including consulting, media solutions, data analysis, brand experience, commerce, and customer experience, ensuring a comprehensive customer journey for clients’ businesses.

The Pre-Allfred Struggles

Prior to the introduction of Allfred, FLO faced a variety of challenges that were impacting their productivity and efficiency.

#1 Time-consuming and Fragmented Reporting

A major challenge was their reporting process. It was cumbersome and time-consuming, often requiring the use of multiple tools to combine disparate data. This fragmented approach made it difficult to gain comprehensive insights and take informed decisions. The effort and time spent on the process also meant less time was available for strategic and creative tasks, impacting the agency’s overall output.

#2 Lack of Clear Project Overview

The agency was also struggling with gaining a clear view of its project’s health. The absence of a consolidated, easy-to-read project overview made it difficult to identify issues, monitor budgets, and keep a pulse on overall progress. This led to inefficiencies and delays in decision-making.

#3 Inefficient Budgeting Process

Budgeting was another issue. FLO was relying on Excel for creating budget proposals, which although not seen as a problem initially, led to errors due to wrong formulas or incorrect data entries. This could make the budgeting process prone to mistakes.

#4 Complicated Time-Tracking System

On top of these, the creative team at FLO was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the existing time-tracking system. They found it overly complicated and burdensome, which led to fewer tracked hours.

#5 Impersonal Support from Tool Providers

Lastly, the agency needed personalized support from its tool providers. The support they received felt impersonal, more like interactions with sales representatives than dedicated specialists or support managers. This led to a sense of dissatisfaction and hindered the efficient resolution of process-related queries.


Achieving an 80% Reduction in Reporting Time 📊

“What took one hour in Clickup, with Allfred we have it in 10 minutes.”

Operations Director at FLO Petra Drahošová

What agency has implemented and what was the result:

The introduction of Allfred into FLO’s workflow brought about a substantial transformation in their reporting process. Allfred’s interface provided a single platform to access all crucial project data, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools. This resulted in a significant reduction in time spent on reporting in Allfred compared to ClickUp – by 80%. This shift allowed FLO to reallocate resources more effectively and focus on their core functions of strategic thinking and client servicing.

In the words of Operations Director at FLO Petra Drahošová, “Thanks to Allfred, we were able to significantly reduce time spent on reporting and evaluating projects results. This shift not only improved our efficiency but also allowed us to divert our attention to more strategic and client-centric tasks.”

Enhancing Decision-Making with Streamlined Project Management 🎯

“Allfred gave us the visibility we needed to identify and solve project issues swiftly, leading to smoother project management.”

Operations Director at FLO Petra Drahošová

What agency has implemented and what was the result:

As Petra Drahošová claimed: “With Allfred, we gained a clear visual overview of our projects. This clarity allowed us to swiftly address project issues and manage tasks more effectively.”

Allfred provided the agency with easy-to-read overviews of each project, allowing the team to keep track of the project’s overall progress. With everything consolidated in one place, project managers could navigate their workflows more efficiently and maintain a stronger handle on project outcomes.

Less issues with incorrect Excel formulas in budgets 💲

“Creating complex budget proposals is now a much easier. We can craft detailed budgets in seconds, a task that used to take us dozens of minutes in error-prone Excel.”

Senior Project & Production Consultant Sabina Karásková

What agency has implemented and what was the result:

Although FLO’s initial reliance on Excel for creating budget proposals didn’t seem problematic, they used to encounter issues due to incorrect formulas or data entries.

Allfred became a solution by replacing their manual, error-prone Excel methods with an automated process for creating budget proposals. The agency is now able to benefit from know-how sharing by Allfred’s smart feature of suggesting budget items based on knowledge shared from previous projects. With just a few clicks, agency can now categorize expenses to media or external production, apply discounts, and convert foreign currencies, eliminating the need for complex Excel formulas.

Creatives stopped complaining and start tracking time automatically ⏱️

“The creative team had been complaining about the previous time-tracking tool, but now they are tracking time automatically thanks to the availability of multiple and easier tracking options.”

Senior Project & Production Consultant Sabina Karásková

What agency has implemented and what was the result:

As FLO’s Senior Project & Production Consultant Sabina Karásková says, the agency began utilizing a variety of tracking methods offered by Allfred, including stopwatches, one-click time-tracking, and end-of-day or week reporting. This encouraged more accurate logging of hours. Moreover, it made time-tracking more user-friendly, even for the creative teams who were previously known for their complaints.

System workflow customization within the onboarding process 🤝

“We really appreciate Allfred’s customer approach. They understood our needs and delivered custom solutions that transformed our workflow.”

Operations Director at FLO Petra Drahošová

Perhaps one of the most appreciated aspects of Allfred is its personalized customer approach. FLO especially appreciates Allfred’s ability to tailor solutions to their specific needs, starting from providing an onboarding process to customized solutions such as two-factor authentication. “Allfred’s support team took the time to understand our unique needs and adapted their solutions to fit our workflow. This was a marked shift from the standard, often impersonal support they had received from other tool providers.” says Petra Drahošová.

Key features used:

  • Data reporting and profitability evaluation
  • Budgeting
  • Tasks and Projects management
  • Time reporting