The marketing world is evolving rapidly – new trends, new technologies, and ever-increasing challenges. Creative agencies have a tough job keeping up. But there’s help! 

With so many marketing agency software options out there, the entire team can work faster than ever. Confused about which one is best for you? After all, you want something that’s powerful enough to streamline your agency workflow management.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of must-have features in modern agency software – giving you everything you need to know to make a perfect choice!

Agency software – what is it?

Agency management software is the ultimate sidekick, allowing agencies to organize, manage and optimize their agency operations with ease. Its functions include customer relations management, project management, resource planning, and financial forecasting.

A woman who is using an agency software.

Agency management systems are the lifeblood of all modern marketing agencies. They are essential tools that have become a right-hand man (or maybe AI-hand?) for agency professionals. What changes can we expect in creative agency tool stacks?

  • Even more artificial intelligenceAI can be used to automate processes, improve customer relationships, and even predict future needs.
  • Increased software integration – with other systems and services like CRMs for improved data analysis and client relationship management, agencies need robust integration capabilities.
  • Security measures as a top priority – with cyberattacks becoming more common, the need for better security measures and protocols has become essential.
  • Easy access to actionable insights – will begin to count those tools that will give agencies essential data for their various campaigns.

➡️ Note: Check if the marketing software solution you are considering develops in these directions to be sure it will grow alongside your business.

Checklist: Features your agency management software must include to stay ahead of the curve

From task tracking to budgeting, project forecasting, and resource optimization – the right software can transform your agency into a well-oiled machine. But which advanced features should you put first?

#1 Comprehensive task management system

Good agency software makes managing projects and tasks a breeze. With it, you can quickly assign tasks, priority them into categories, allocate resources as needed, and track the progress of every job in real time. Such a tool allows your team works together efficiently – no matter what kind of project you’re running or how complex it is.

The overall project tracking gives you an overview at all times of each task on a project. You’ll never miss a deadline or lose any details about it again. Plus, delegated tasks are updated instantly for everyone to see – this makes collaboration among colleagues much smoother and allows for greater focus on the overall objectives.

It’s no wonder that marketing teams depend so heavily on management software these days. It not only saves time but provides invaluable insights into important areas like task completion rate and progress tracking – making any organization more successful.

#2 Powerful client base

Imagine having all your clients’ contact and project information in one easily accessible place – that’s what the right software can do for you. It’s like having an intelligent vendor knowledge base to help you manage multiple clients, so you can quickly understand every important detail about them.

For example, your software should be able to store your current clients and project info so that it’s simple to stay in touch and build strong customer relationships. That way, no matter how busy or hectic things get, you’ll have all the details you need close at hand.

#3 Budgets management

Budget management is a critical part of any business’s success, but it is also one of the most tedious. Thankfully, with the right agency management system, financial planning can become much more streamlined and effective.

It should offer clear visualizations of overall project timelines, budgeting details for each individual project, as well as tracking costs against expected revenues or profits. As a result, you avoid wasting money and causing unnecessarily long project delays.

Allfred dashboard as a robust agency software.

📊 Allfred is the tool created to embrace the finances of the marketing agency. Get alerts when a project exceeds its pre-set limits, manage budget proposals, and keep a tab on the overall cost. 

#4 Optimized invoicing solution

Getting paid on time is another big challenge faced by many agencies. Look out for automation software that offers such features as automatic currency conversion and secure data storage so that all your financial information remains safe.

If you choose the right tools with an intuitive interface, they really make everything easier. For example, with Allfred, you can create invoicing plans, manage proformas and incoming invoices, and ensure that important payments don’t go unnoticed.

#5 Customizable workflows for maximum efficiency

For maximum productivity, consider choosing an agency software that allows you to customize workflow processes according to your company’s specific needs. Features like automated approval systems help streamline workflows by allowing workers to quickly review changes directly within the platform itself, ensuring nothing gets overlooked or forgotten about along the way.

Even better if the project management software provides an option to set up project managers for each project separately to make it clear who is responsible for what.

#6 Time tracking for team collaboration

Time tracking is often overlooked when it comes to marketing agency software, but it’s actually a great way to improve team collaboration. This feature allows you to monitor how much time each employee spends on particular task lists, allowing you to assess their performance and make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of deadlines and expectations.

Using Allfred, team members can track how much time they spend on what tasks. Getting feedback enables them to work faster in areas where they need to improve.

However, the truth is that many creative teams are just too busy to rethink their daily work and workload. But thankfully – with some tools, you can get time management customizable reports seeing how your team is doing and where you can relocate resources to increase efficiency (See Allfred here 🤫).

Adding new time entry in Allfred agency software.

#7 Detailed reporting dashboard

Knowing exactly what’s happening with your projects is essential, so find a powerful report dashboard with data visualization in your chosen software. You should be able to quickly generate detailed reports with up-to-date information such as budgeting projections or profitability analytics – all within a few clicks. These reports will help you draw insights and make strategic decisions quickly and accurately.

#8 Superior integration with other tools

The agency management system shouldn’t limit you in any way. For maximum productivity, choose the one that integrates easily with other industry-standard powerful tools.

Worried about moving data between tools? Thanks to Allfred’s integrations with Asana, Basecamp, and, you can easily transfer data from one tool to another without any manual input – dramatically cutting down on wasted hours spent dealing with individual files. Its API integration also makes life easier if you’re working across multiple platforms.

#9 Data security and protection

Data security should always be at the top of your list when choosing an agency software suite. Why? Because if confidential information gets into the wrong hands, then it could spell disaster for your business.

Keep an eye out for features such as encrypted data storage, secure sign-in methods, and two-factor authentication to ensure that no unauthorized personnel can access sensitive company data.

Security and protection as one of the main must-have features of agency software.

#10 Timely updates and upgrades

The right agency management system should continue to evolve over time to keep up with changing trends and regulations, as well as offer fresh new features that can benefit your business in the long run. A good platform will regularly provide maintenance updates, bug fixes, and improved security measures, as well as add new functionalities that enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

Why should you choose Allfred project management software over any other?

Imagine having total control over the project management process – organizing your work seamlessly in one collaborative, user-friendly platform. Allfred is the answer to all your project management woes.

Allfred visual planner for creative agencies.

The tool designed with creative marketing teams in mind, Allfred offers a comprehensive task management system that makes tracking projects and budgets simple.

✅ Optimized invoicing solution for better document management.

Visually plan, report, and forecast using Allfred detailed dashboard.

Maximize team capacity with time and resource management.

Allfred dashboard for budget management.

With customizable workflows and time tracking for team collaboration, you can ensure maximum efficiency on each project. Plus, with its detailed reporting dashboard, you’ll always have a clear overview of progress, team performance, and overall success.

Take the pain out of project management with Allfred. Try it today for a smoother process from start to finish.

Marketing agencies – get ready for a revolution!

The project management system has come a long way in helping digital agencies meet their customer’s expectations. Gone are the days of guessing how long it will take to finish a task or how many resources are needed. With these features at your disposal, agency managers now have more control over how projects pan out.

Project management is no longer among repetitive tasks – it’s an essential part of any marketing agencies’ journey to success. Thanks to the features mentioned here, managing projects can be made simpler, automated, and clearer!

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FAQ: Future of agency software

Ready to learn more? Let’s explore the top questions people ask when considering agency management software.

Which is better, agency management software or social media management platform?

These are two different types of tools. Agency management software provides an efficient way of managing all aspects of marketing agencies while a social media management platform focuses solely on optimizing your presence across various social media platforms.

What role does agency management play in the future of marketing?

Marketing and ad agencies (or any other agencies) need to use workflow automation to deliver good customer service, track results accurately, and make informed decisions to adapt to changes in the market – something traditional methods are hard to offer. Using multiple tools lets them create even more successful marketing campaigns tailored to today’s market demands.

What are the benefits and advantages of using agency software?

Marketing automation and an all-in-one solution for marketing agency have plenty of benefits. From greater efficiency through automation to enhanced customer service experiences. It can also provide employees with access to information and tools necessary for effectively managing operations, monitoring progress, and analyzing data.

What best practices should agencies implement to ensure the successful adoption of new software?

Best practices for ensuring the successful adoption of the new software include:

  • Plan ahead and provide sufficient training
  • Make a list of the top features you need
  • Make use of custom dashboards
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  • Allow feedback and adjust accordingly
  • Integrate the tool with the current tool stack