The Czechoslovak B2B technology startup, offering a comprehensive tool that bridges financial and project management in the creative sector, has scored a major triumph. It has secured a significant investment from Peter Komorník, the founder of the renowned application Slido, with the current valuation of the startup at 2.5 million euros. This influx of capital furthers the product’s growth and development, targeting global expansion.

The advertising market has faced radical alterations in recent years. Beyond global issues like war, economic downturns, and inflation, agencies are grappling with an ongoing talent war, escalating specific demands from millennials for remote work and reward systems, and, not least, cutting client budgets. These conditions make it challenging for them to sustain stability and profitability. The solution arrives from the Czechoslovak startup, which supplies relevant real-time data vital for strategic and flexible decision-making, efficient financial management, and project management in the advertising field.

“While the business environment mostly navigates these challenges through process automation or integration of disparate systems, many agencies continue to heavily depend on Excel, outdated accounting software, or generic tools that lack interconnectivity, leading to fragmented vital data,” says Marek Mrázik, CEO of who was also behind the creation of the agency Triad and the internationally successful social media content planning tool Kontentino.

Investment from Komorník of Slido

Peter Komorník, whose software Slido was incorporated into American IT behemoth Cisco this year, concedes that the depth, trustworthiness, and pertinence of the data provides persuaded him to invest and support the Czechoslovak startup ecosystem.

Peter Komorník, founder Slido

“The product’s concept and potential played a significant role, but also the experience of the individuals behind Allfred. Their contribution to the creative business is undeniable, as shown by the global reach of Kontentino and the accomplishments of the Triad agency. These are testimonials to their capacity to utilize insights and surmount the most formidable challenges of the agency landscape, crafting an innovative SaaS solution that simplifies everyday work and boosts agency profits.”

Peter Komorník, co-founder of Slido

Presently, hundreds of users from prominent agencies, including over one-third of the Slovak Advertising Agencies Club, utilize the software. “We are accruing clients from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Costa Rica, and our future ventures will target neighboring countries and Scandinavia,” states Mrázik.

Automation brings financial benefits

The solution that Allfred as an innovative SaaS tool offers, competes with global competitors like Asana, Monday, and Trello. It distinguishes itself by catering specifically to advertising, digital, and PR agencies, harmonizing the realms of creatives, account managers, finance experts, and executives within a single platform. Matej Pechota, the startup’s COO, explains that managers can efficiently monitor client profitability, team performance, and projects in great detail within one environment. Centralizing data also reduces discrepancies when contrasting data from multiple tools or spreadsheets.

“Beyond delivering a comprehensive overview of budgets, planned capacities, and employee profitability, bolsters agencies’ negotiating power and offers reliable and precise benchmarks of financial efficacy. It aids in automating repetitive tasks, guiding individuals, and alerting them to potential problems. The vital aspect is that it is robust enough for finance managers, while simultaneously user-friendly for creatives.”.

Matej Pechota Allfred’s COO

Moreover, data suggests that process automation in agencies reduces manual workload by 30%, enabling creatives and managers to allocate their time to revenue-generating activities.

“Additionally, one-click time tracking can lead to a surge in billable hours by up to 20%, giving the agency a more accurate performance perspective and aiding in the optimization of processes and finances.”

Matej Pechota Allfred’s COO