Sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right agency management system that can make a big difference to your team’s workflow (along with reducing costs). How is it possible?

You centralize all agency tasks under one roof – team collaboration, project management, or even budget planning. With just a few clicks, you get insight into what is happening in your agency’s daily operations.

There is just one catch – you have to find software solutions tailored to your needs. So how to reel in the golden fish? Look over this checklist below to make your final choice a wise one.

What is an agency management system?

An agency management system (AMS) is the ultimate efficiency tool that helps marketing agencies stay organized and on track. 

Streamlining everything from project planning to resource allocation, it offers teams a single centralized hub where they can access every job detail and organize agency tasks.

👩🏼‍💻 Most of the agency management tools are SaaS (Software as a System) technology which means they are accessed online and via a subscription plan.

The benefits of the agency management system

Believe us, there is no going back once you start using agency management software. It’s like having a superpower or gaming with cheats. Your team overcomes daily challenges in a more efficient and effective manner. Why should you try it out?

Eliminates paperwork clutter

Imagine not having all folders spread everywhere. With AMS solution, you have everything organized and in place. It takes no time for your team members to find what they need.

Makes managing workflow easier

The most important feature of such solutions is that they help you manage all the operations related to your agency. The best ones even have a built-in budgeting management system (that’s what Allfred also has among its features!).

Allows for improved communication

A simple interface and dashboard facilitate team collaboration. The ability to identify who is doing what lets you easily relocate your resources. No backlogs, no delays – no surprises.

Visualizes team tasks

The cool thing about most agency management system tools is that they present all the tasks in a visually appealing dashboard. The whole user experience becomes much more enjoyable in return.

Maintains data security

Last but not least – they keep serious information out of the wrong hands. You don’t have to care about their safety on your own. The majority of them comply with all safety layers regularly.

Graphic showing features tools to manage the agency.

Features that the best agency management system cannot miss

Before you dive into choosing the agency management software for your business, you should know what to look for. We compile the list of our must-haves. For sure, a great solution that is highly configurable will have them all.

#1 Intuitive dashboard

An easy-to-use user interface is vital. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than a too-complicated tool to implement. Sure, the more complex a tool may be, the trickier it could become to master.

So, the tool should also offer you a support team on your side along the process. With an adequate amount of time and effort, you should already have command over even its most complex elements. Otherwise – run away, it’s not the tool for you.

#2 Robust management features

A basic schedule option is not enough when you have your own creative agency. Your team probably needs a complete set of features to be more efficient.

There is even a possibility that agency management tools can prevent team burnout. It’s because people love checklists and to-do lists. Studies show that getting things done is easier when you write them down. So it’s the same with your team. They are more likely to keep deadlines and be productive when they have a clear dashboard with all the daily tasks they need to complete.

As such, your agency management software should have solid tasks and project planning. This is its foundation, so it should work without fractions. In this case, there are no compromises.

#3 Budgeting planner

The stairs begin here. Not all agency management tools offer financial tracking and management (actually, most don’t). If the one you are considering does, stick with it. 

Imagine that from the view of one dashboard, you can manage the invoices, expenses, and budgets. The Allfred platform offers all of that and places a lot of emphasis on financial management. In just a few clicks, you can get a big picture of all your spending or manage budget proposals and outgoing invoices.

Allfred dashboard budgeting software.

It just really makes sense to have financial accounting features at the top of your list – especially if you want to streamline all the processes happening across all departments from A to Z.

#4 Drag & drop calendar view

It’s certainly easier to manage team workloads when you can easily switch tasks back and forth. Identify an agency management tool that allows easy access to assignments and has a super user-friendly planner.

Drag-and-drop planning lets you manage the tasks like small blocks. You can change the task’s date, time, or assignee with just a drag. Effortless and highly intuitive approach. It’s even better if the calendar is visualized with colors etc., to make planning much more enjoyable.

#5 Time tracking options

To quickly compare the time it takes employees to complete specific tasks, time monitoring should also be part of the solution you choose. A lot of agency software does not provide hourly task overviews, so make sure you check it out before investing in one.

It’s among the key features if you want to stay on top of everything. Plus, if your team has some problems with deadlines, it can improve the agency’s performance as well as streamline all agency operations. As a result, you should save time, balance the workload, and increase agent productivity.

📊 Using Allfred’s Time Reports, you get a picture of the time balance in your team. A few steps get you a detailed project time report or a detailed monthly report of the particular team member.

#6 Client center

Customer relationship management can be handled with external tools – but what if you can use an all-in-one solution and minimize the number of tools you have to use to one single platform? 

With some agency management system tools, you can create a whole command client center to manage customer relationships with ease. How does it work?

For example, in Allfred dashboard, you have the Brand tab, which leads you to the info about all your client’s base, contact person, and all projects included. With just a few clicks you get data-driven insights into some details of your client relationships.

#7 Resource allocation

Having an effective agency requires management software that lets you allocate resources efficiently. It’s an especially helpful feature for agency managers and decision-makers.

With a clear dashboard, they can quickly identify where some gaps exist or who can handle some additional tasks to clear some space for someone else. With quick access to contractors and all operations within the agency, managers can enhance workflow management.

#8 Compliance with security measures

With so much data and information flying around these days, it’s crucial that your chosen agency management system is compliant with all the relevant security measures.

Look out for advanced features such as encryption settings, role-based access control, automated monitoring tools, and more. Having a checklist of top-notch security safeguards will help you navigate your agency data with confidence.

#9 Integration with the current tool stack

Creative teams must have a tool that offers wide integration options with Creative teams must have a tool that offers wide integration options with other apps. Imagine building a powerful toolbox with all the software solutions that you use in one place. Having it greatly improves internal communication and data exchange between agency professionals.

Further, the right software will allow you to connect the tools with open API. Automate workflows between the tools so that they can easily collaborate with each other. 

Allfred – agency management system that checks all the boxes

Allfred best agency management system.

Let’s go as far as to say Allfred is like Asana on steroids (they can even be integrated together!). Not only does it keep track of project management, but it also has plenty of add-ons. What does it keep under its sleeve?

  • Expense tracking and budgeting
  • Financial reporting for more informed decisions
  • Time-tracking management systems
  • Management of resources
  • Invoicing tool for document management
  • Compatibility with, e.g., Slack, Basecamp, Asana, ClickUp

And all of those features are kept in the dashboard, customized to your agency’s needs. This is a complex tool with which you can build a powerful management system. We’re not going to pretend that you set it up in seconds – it takes time, but it’s totally worth the effort. No worries then – the Allfred team is always ready to assist you with the process.

Allfred as the best system for agencies.

The result is a customized agency management system that’s tailored to your agency, your team, and your needs. Book a free demo, and we’ll show you the sparks.

Let us help you streamline your agency workload today

When it comes to selecting the best agency management software for your business, a little bit of research goes a long way. Weighing up the pros and cons of each option is just a necessity.

It’s easy to overlook something, though. Our checklist eliminates that worry for you now. The result? A streamlined, efficient, and, most importantly, reliable management system that’s perfect for your agency business.

🗂 What about starting with Allfred? Keep your agency processes organized and make your agency run smoothly. See Allfred in action.