With our constant drive to improve and simplify project and agency finance management, we’ve just rolled out our latest product update. This month, we bring a mix of features that can help you in managing your projects more efficiently. Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, our features are tailored to fit your needs. Read on to discover what’s new in Allfred and how it can benefit you.

#1 Times and Materials Projects

With Allfred’s newest update, you’re no longer bound by a predefined and fixed budget when invoicing your client. Now, you can conveniently invoice projects based on the actual hours spent or any external costs assigned. Just select the “Time and Materials” project type when creating the project.

Within the project overview, Allfred automatically creates an ‘Our Work’, ‘Production’ and ‘Media’ budget item with the same name as Project, enabling task creation, internal hour tracking, and assignment of external costs or costs from freelancers.

If a specific client has active positions set, Allfred will use hourly rates from that rate card. In other cases, Allfred will use rates and positions marked as default that you can find in the section Proposals – Positions.

When you receive an expense from a third party, simply assign it as usual or create a new expense (Finances – Expenses – Add new) and assign that cost with either the Production or Media budget sections.

#2 Mobile Responsivity is here!

Stay connected with Allfred anytime, anywhere! Our web app is now mobile-responsive, ensuring you can check tasks, report time, or plan capacities on the go. You can also access reports, invoicing, or other Allfred sections.

#3 Tag @all and @team in Task communication

You can now easily communicate within Tasks with all team members using the new @all tag or reach out to specific teams using @teamname.

#4 Highlighted Tasks

For better task management and more streamlined view of important tasks, we’ve introduced the “Highlighted Tasks” section in the List of Tasks. In this section, you’ll find tasks associated with projects that have been pinned and are displayed in the Highlighted section of the project list.

Wish to see a task in this section? Begin by pinning its associated project using the “Pin” option within the Action menu of the project list.

#5 Improved Attachments Overview

Navigating through attachments in Tasks has been made more user-friendly. We’ve enhanced the attachments overview to display both a clear title and a preview for each file. You are also able to download all attachments at once.

#6 Client Contact Person No Longer Mandatory

Creating a new project? You no longer have to specify a contact person on the client side initially. However, do note that Allfred will prompt you to add one during the invoicing process.

Easily access any project with our new search feature in the nav bar. Simply type the project name. You can use also the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+K for Windows or Command+K for iOS.

#8 External Users’ Time Overview

Gain a comprehensive view of external users’ or freelancers’ tracked hours. All tracked hours associated with expenses on the “Our Work” budget item are now available in the Time Report section of a project under the user name “Work Expense”. This provides insights into which positions or services are most frequently outsourced. Additionally, a summary of these hours can be found in the Reports section and is also available in Time Report export.

#9 New Project Manager Filter

Easily sort projects in the list of projects using our new filter. Quickly find projects by their main responsible Project Manager or any associated Other project managers.