Choosing the right agency project management tool is critical. It’s not just about tracking time or managing projects and tasks; it’s about streamlining agency operations, optimizing profitability, and empowering your team. stands out as an all-in-one agency software, tailor-made for advertising, digital or PR agencies, ensuring that from planning to profit, everything is managed efficiently and effectively.

Let’s explore why agency leaders are turning to Allfred as All-in-One Agency Project Management Tool with insights directly from our clients.

Why choose Allfred as an agency project management tool?

#1 Offers more for agencies than Asana

“After 7 years with Asana + three other tools, we decided to innovate the way we manage projects. Allfred offered what we dreamed of. It looks simple, should do a lot of manual work for us and we can already see that it has great customer support. We look forward to it!”

Martin Brablec, CEO of Obsahová agentúra

How does managing projects work in practice with Allfred?

Allfred is a great Asana alternative for agencies. In Allfred, project management is a highly streamlined and efficient process. It’s tailor-made and born in creative agencies. This agency software centralizes team collaboration, offering a complete overview of project workflows and finance management in one place. All project-related elements, such as budget, received expenses, billing, task assignments, and communication, are accessible in a centralized location, making information sharing and project tracking effortless.

Integrating resource planning and time tracking is a standout feature of this agency project management tool. This allows for a seamless transition between planning and execution phases, enabling teams to track their progress in real-time and adjust as necessary. This agency software’s user-friendly interface makes assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking project milestones easy.

Additionally, Allfred’s AI-powered assistance significantly reduces errors by offering smart suggestions in budgeting and automating invoicing. This not only saves time but also ensures a higher level of accuracy in project management. Allfred provides the features necessary to manage projects effectively, keeping them on schedule and within budget.

#2 Provides you with relevant projects’ financial results

“We were looking for a reliable agency project management tool that would not only help us streamline our work but also monitor the financial results of individual projects. Despite the short time of use, we can state that Allfred was the right choice.”

Gabriel Tóth, Founder & CEO, New School Communications

How does monitoring project results work in Allfred?

Allfred revolutionizes project result monitoring by offering a robust, integrated dashboard that delivers real-time insights into financials and resource allocation. This comprehensive view enables leaders to track budget performance, expenditures, and revenue projections efficiently.

Allfred provides features to analyze team and individual performance metrics. This includes tracking billable hours, comparing estimated time versus actual time spent on tasks, and internal work costs. Such insights are crucial in identifying areas of improvement and ensuring that projects stay on schedule.

Within the robust reporting and analysis capabilities, you can also generate detailed financial reports that provide insights into the profitability of projects, client billing, and overall financial performance. These reports are crucial for strategic decision-making and long-term financial planning.

#3 Integrates intuitive resource planning and time tracking

“With its functions, Allfred simplifies project management and the supervision of time tracking. Planning tasks as a team is also a big benefit. we recommend it mainly for the purpose of effective profitability monitoring of our clients, monitoring the performance of teams and individuals, or tracking the development of the projects themselves.”

Veronika Plavčko, Account Manager at My Brand Agency

How does time tracking and team planning works in Allfred?

Time tracking and team planning in Allfred are designed to be intuitive, collaborative, and efficient, ensuring that teams can focus more on creativity and strategy while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It is integrated with project management, offering a comprehensive solution for managing time, capacities, and tasks in one place, enhancing overall productivity and team coordination.

Time tracking in Allfred allows for precise tracking of the time spent on each task and project. Users can start and stop timers for individual tasks, automatically track time by marking assignments as done, or log hours manually, offering flexibility based on different work styles.

Resource planning in Allfred allows team leaders and members to plan and allocate tasks on a shared agency platform. Reassign tasks, prioritize with drag and drop for clarity. Edit, split, duplicate. You’re the boss here. You can access task assignments, required information, and team communication with a single click within the calendar view.

#4 More efficient than Clickup, reduces time spent thanks to effective reporting

“Thanks to Allfred, we were able to significantly reduce time spent on reporting and evaluating projects results. What took one hour in Clickup, with Allfred we have it in 10 minutes. Allfred gave us the visibility we needed to identify and solve project issues swiftly, leading to smoother project management.”

Petra Drahošová, Operations Director at FLO

How does reporting work in Allfred?

Reporting in Allfred is designed to be exceptionally efficient and user-friendly, significantly reducing the time and effort required to evaluate project results. Here’s how it operates:

  1. Automated Reporting System: Allfred automates the process of generating reports, which simplifies the task of compiling project data. This automation significantly cuts down the time spent on reporting — what used to take an hour in other agency project management tools like Clickup can be achieved in just 10 minutes in Allfred.
  2. Real-Time Data Visibility: This agency software provides real-time access to project data, allowing immediate project performance visibility. This feature is crucial for identifying and addressing project issues promptly. Within the reports, you can focus on key metrics relevant to their specific needs. This includes financial data, team performance, project progress, and more.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Allfred’s interface is designed for ease of use. Users can quickly generate, view, and analyze reports without needing extensive training or technical expertise.
  4. Actionable Insights: The reports generated by Allfred offer actionable insights, enabling operations directors and project managers to make informed decisions and implement changes for smoother project management.

In essence, Allfred’s reporting capabilities provide a comprehensive, quick, and insightful way to evaluate project performance, agency revenue, and invoicing, enhancing overall efficiency and decision-making processes.

#5 Gives you full control and clarity over budgets and project costs

“Allfred has revolutionized how we manage our budgets. The tool enables us to effortlessly create budgets, providing suggestions from previous budgets – a feature that not only saves time but also reduces errors. A standout functionality is the real-time tracking of each budget item’s status, offering immediate visibility into whether an item is overrun or profitable.”

Barbora Gallisová, Project Manager at BRACKETS

How does budgeting works in Allfred?

Budgeting in Allfred is a powerful and user-friendly error-free, and collaborative process, ensuring agencies have full control and clarity over their financials. Allfred automatically creates a project structure based on the assigned budget.

Here’s how Allfred elevates budgeting:

  1. Centralized, Up-to-Date Budgets: All budgets are stored centrally, making them easily accessible and up-to-date. Agencies no longer need to sift through emails or files for the latest budget version. This agency software provides a clear view of client-approved budgets, including approval details and version history.
  2. Flexible Budget Creation and Sharing: Creating budgets in Allfred is both fast and flexible. The platform allows for inline editing and drag-and-drop reordering, much like working with a spreadsheet but without the complexity of maintaining formulas. Budgets can be seamlessly shared with colleagues, ensuring team alignment.
  3. Intelligent Suggestions: Allfred uses data from past projects to offer intelligent suggestions during budget creation. This feature leverages shared agency know-how, speeding up the budgeting process and enhancing accuracy.
  4. Auto-synced Hourly Rates: Allfred automatically syncs hourly rates from client contracts. This ensures billing accuracy throughout the project lifecycle, even when rates change. Different rate groups for various services are easily managed within the system.
  5. Advanced Error Reduction: Allfred’s advanced controls for budgeting reduce the risk of oversights. It automatically includes commissions and mandatory expenses, preventing common errors like copy-paste mistakes and incorrect formulas.

#6 Maximizes financial efficiency with precision

“Allfred has significantly improved our expense management. It allows us to easily identify which costs are covered by client invoices and their payment status. The simplified payment process with automatic bank payment orders is a great time-saver. Moreover, the Optical character recognition option for reading invoices is a valuable feature, reducing the risk of human error.”

Martin Makovič, Head of Finance at PS:Digital

How does the agency finance management work in Allfred?

Allfred offers a comprehensive solution for managing agency finances, combining efficiency with accuracy to support better financial control and decision-making. This agency project management tool also revolutionizes finance management for agencies, making it more efficient and error-free. Here’s how Allfred enhances this crucial aspect:

  1. Enhanced Expense Management: Allfred significantly streamlines expense management. Agencies can easily track and categorize expenses, identifying which costs are covered by client invoices and monitoring their payment status. This clarity is crucial for maintaining financial health and ensuring timely reimbursements.
  2. Simplified Payment Process: This agency software simplifies the payment process by integrating automatic bank payment orders. This functionality saves significant time by automating recurring financial transactions and reducing manual intervention.
  3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Invoices: A standout feature in Allfred’s finance management is the use of OCR technology. This tool scans and reads invoices, automatically extracting relevant data. It reduces the risk of human error, streamlines the data entry process, and improves the accuracy of financial records.
  4. Real-time Financial Insights: Allfred offers real-time financial tracking and reporting. This feature provides agencies with up-to-date information on cash flow, project profitability, and overall financial performance, enabling informed decision-making.
  5. Integrated Invoicing and Budgeting: Allfreds agency software seamlessly integrates invoicing and budgeting within the project management workflow, offering a unified view of financial health. Agencies can create and manage budgets with ease, track invoicing status, and align financial strategies with project goals.

#7 Tailor-made for agency workflow with guided onboarding

“We were in search of the agency software to make our daily tasks more efficient and it looks like Allfred is the best tailored for creative agencies workflow. We really enjoyed the structured and guided onboarding process.”

Marius Plakis, Business development director at milk

How does the adaption of Allfred to agency workflow work?

Adapting Allfred to a creative agency’s workflow is a tailored, comprehensive process, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal usage. Here’s how it works:

  1. Customized Agency Onboarding: Allfred’s onboarding process is personalized to fit each agency’s current workflow. This customization ensures that the transition to Allfred aligns with the agency’s unique operational style and requirements.
  2. Data Import and Integration: Allfred facilitates the import of crucial data such as client information, brands, contractors, budget templates, and rate cards. This integration streamlines the setup process and maintains continuity.
  3. Accounting System Integration: This agency software seamlessly integrates with existing accounting systems, ensuring financial data consistency and reducing manual data entry.
  4. Personalized Workshops: Allfred provides a comprehensive onboardnig process that combines learning best practices with personalized workshops. These sessions are tailored to different agency teams, ensuring that each group, from creatives to financial personnel, receives relevant and engaging training. This approach enables teams to efficiently utilize Allfred’s capabilities while aligning with their specific roles and avoiding information overload in areas outside their purview.

By focusing on these areas, and with continuous support, Alfred ensures that its adoption is not just a change in agency software, but a meaningful enhancement to the agency’s existing workflow, driving efficiency and creativity.

Ready for streamlining your agency processes?

For agencies contemplating an agency project management tool change, Allfred offers a comprehensive solution that not only manages projects but drives your agency towards higher efficiency and profitability. Try Allfred now with our free trial or schedule a demo to see how it can transform your agency’s operations.

Agency Project Management Tool Approved by hundreds of users

“Allfred has been an invaluable agency project management tool for monitoring our company’s finances and performance. It provides us with real-time access to up-to-date data on our colleagues’ work, cash flow, and financial results. With Allfred, we no longer have to rely on accountants to have confidence in our financial status; it only takes a few clicks to get the information we need.”

Michal Pobočík, CFO at BRACKETS

“It‘s brilliant that we can have everything from cost estimate, capacity planning, tasking, to project evaluation all in one place. If we don‘t have to click through multiple tools, it saves a lot of time.”

Katarína Poláková, COO at Triad Advertising

“We chose for its intuitive approach to project management, which is specifically tailored to the dynamic needs of agencies. In particular, we were convinced by the toolset that offers seamless task management, efficient capacity planning, detailed project finance oversight and simplified invoicing and reporting, providing a comprehensive solution that fits perfectly into our operational workflow.”

Lukáš Lískovec, Founder / Growth Consultant at Forecom

“Optimal management of processes is my top priority at OWI CREATIVE. After trying several tools, none matched our specific needs as closely as Allfred. With our database import and the support of Allfred’s expert team, I’m confident our future projects will be managed efficiently.”

Branislav Švorc, CEO at OWICREATIVE

“Allfred is a valuable asset not just for account managers, but also for creatives. With this tool, everything resides in one place — tasks, deadlines, attachments, and team involvement. It also enables me to efficiently track time spent on specific tasks, eliminating the need for an additional tool. I especially like the emoji reaction option, another timesaver in Allfred toolkit.”

Eva Matejičková, Senior copywriter & ideamaker at Triad Advertising

“I was using Clockify and Asana and looking for a solution that ticked many boxes. Allfred, who could plan projects, track time, and reconcile financially, appealed to me. I have high hopes for Allfred.”

Lisa Kyriacou Faulks, CEO at Social Elements

“In the agency, we have been addressing effective time management and its connection to tasks for individual clients for a long time. We chose Allfred for its simple linking of project budgets, time, and task management. We believe it will help us streamline the entire process.”

Filip Nekola, Co-owner at The Media Crew